Danielle Desrosiers

Our Story

Blackstone Valley native and founder, Danielle Desrosiers, has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

Danielle's grandfather introduced her to fresh foods from his own acre of garden, where he grew everything from lettuce to blueberries. He taught her to cook her first meal and from there, her passion for cooking was born.

As a massage therapist for over 15 years, Danielle noticed more and more people suffering from ailments, including obesity, gluten intolerances, diabetes etc.
She felt she could help, and so she began to seek a way to build a career around her passion for cooking. She created a restaurant/cafe concept that would cater to people in a way that ANYONE could enjoy eating out. Ultimately her focus was to create healthy meals, using whole food ingredients, without compromising on the flavor of the food. All her items would be 100% Gluten Free, and she incorporated many options for Vegans/Vegetarians. She wanted people to be able to enjoy dining in, or just a quick grab n go. She also knew that many people were too busy to cook at home so she wanted to include frozen "take home" meals. From that interest, The Green Plate was born! Serving the community since 2014.

To feed our family, friends, and community, delicious, freshly prepared meals that will make them feel good about eating healthy!

The Green Plate Team is committed to supporting the communities that we serve. Check our Social Media pages for our latest "out 'n about" adventures!

We are proud members of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as a growing list of "shop local" grassroots organizations.